What’s the prospective of Internet of Things technology in Iran?

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In the field of IoT in Iran, we have founded Internet of Things Forum to accelerate growth and scale up of IoT startup in Iran.

Mehdi Rouhani Nezhad – Head of the Iran IoT Forum– in the beginning of the [International] IoT exhibition in Iran, represented valuable information about prospective of IoT technology and Expressed his hope on that:

At being a year old of organ’s activity, the draft of IoT policy of Iran be presented with focusing on next five years aspects .

He has also added that IoT opportunities are being investigated in areas such as the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) or the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), and efforts are being made to provide smart meters.

He also stated:

In the field of smart meter based on IoT, if there is any succeed story and water and gas and Electricity meters be smarted, we can predict market with value of several ten billion dollars in Iran.

Of course, it should be noted that these plans relate to one field and also the Internet of things has the ability to be exploited in wider sections.

He also stated:

Now, according to estimates, our forecast is that in the next five years in the market, the share of Internet of things in Iran is about 40 billion dollars.

In his speech, Rouhani Nejad went on to discuss legislation on the IoT and said:

Some believe that legislation in this area limits creativity, but some also believe that legislating in this section will create the necessary transparency and make people confident about investing in this area.

The head of the Internet of Things Forum said: “According to some statistics provided by the Tehran City Council, it has been stated that for smart city projects in Tehran, the budget is estimated at 1 billion USD, which is supposed to be invested during of Three to five years, but this plan is still at an earlier stage, and so many things might be happened until its operation.


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